Mother Ultimate 
is Tim Burrell-Saward, an award winning artist, designer and technologist with over a decade of experience making technology-augmented games, interactive installations and immersive theatre.
He specialises in designing new play paradigms bridging cutting-edge technologies with industrial design, mechatronics, software development, user experience and game design.
He's happy working at scales big and small, from arduino-and-foamboard R&D, to massive interactive installations, all the way to mass-manufactured consumer goods. And always making sure that experiences are as engaging and rewarding as possible.
He likes to employ process-lead, inclusive and democratic development methods in the projects he's involved in, using data gathered from market analysis and user research to inform decisions throughout.
He's a seasoned Producer, having managed the design, development, release, and support of boxed products and mobile apps on a number of connected game titles and live events.
He's also a very hands-on designer at heart, and especially loves to get those hands dirty with 3d design, prototyping, game design and illustration wherever possible.
In short: he make playful things that live in the spaces where hardware, software, electronics and mobile devices meet, and he knows how to make them at scale.
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Tim was a founding member, Lead Designer and Product Owner at Sensible Object, one of the world's foremost connected-play games studios. Games include Beasts of Balance (the first tabletop game ever sold in Apple stores globally) and When In Rome (the first Alexa-enabled board game). Over four years, Sensible Object grew to 23 employees and reached $5m total revenue, before being acquired by Niantic in 2019.
Since then he's been working independently, chiefly as Lead Hardware Designer and Project Manager on the connected tabletop game Return To Dark Tower, which raised $4.5m on Kickstarter in 2019 and is due for worldwide release in Q1 2021.
Other recent projects include leading an R&D program with immersive theatre company Punchdrunk, as well as project managing the construction of a colossal 3d printer farm to make face shields during the COVID-19 PPE shortage in the UK.
He also creates technology-driven artworks for public spaces. Exhibited works include physical visualisations of NASA deep space data at London’s Tate Britain gallery, and a giant talking throne for the Royal Kensington Palace.
Tim is based in London, UK, and is always keen to hear about interesting opportunities.
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